As with my other blog tasks, I’m starting with an acknowledgement that I’ve largely failed to approach the blog tasks in the specified order or much of a coherent way. For one thing I keep getting tied up in the mini-projects (which I’ve now finished – yay) and forgetting to do the blog, remembering I […]

I’ve had a bit more of a think about my design idea, and I think I’ve definitely settled on doing a collaborative, online planning exercise with my students. I’ve got two AS Literature classes this year, we’re studying the genre of comedy for their coursework and will shortly be starting some questions on Educating Rita. […]

So busy have I been mini-project-ing that it suddenly dawned on me yesterday that I have somewhat neglected blogging, and have a few of the little activities to catch up on. This week being half term, I had a crack at the next couple of mini-projects. Having the week free gave a good opportunity to […]

It’s less than a week now until the next day-school session at Huddersfield so I thought I’d best make another update on my progress. It barely seems five minutes since the last day school, and I’ve had a busy time since then. I’m pleased to report that I have fired off my first couple of […]

Right, well firstly I’m writing this blog a little earlier than intended this week for reasons that shall become clear in a moment. I should preface this with a short few words to remind myself that I’ve done pretty well this week, even if I do say so myself. Following the session at Huddersfield on […]

So, I’m being good and commencing with my course blog already. It was great to meet everyone at Huddersfield yesterday, there was a real mix of people and some thought provoking contributions. I felt much more comfortable with everything than I had anticipated and feel ready to get stuck into the course. This is as […]

Well, I’ve done the first task of uploading a photo so now I’ll do a few words to introduce myself. I’m an English teacher in a sixth-form college in South Yorkshire who enjoys using technology to make lessons more interesting and want to take my career in that direction long term. I’ve been teaching for a […]